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“This company is awesome!!!! I couldn’t be happier to not have to deal with creating my own social media posts. The best part is that I can have confidence in their services, and never have to worry about what they post, because the content is always great!”

-Jared H. – 02/12/21

“After the pandemic hit I was worried I was going to lose business. Marketing Marriage kept my business afloat with their consistent posts.”

-Janette O. – 10/21/20

“I love that we quickly got a blog up about livestreaming – that’s exactly what I was hoping for! 😊.”

-Anonymous – 03/17/20

“Just a great company and staff!!”

-Adrienne W. – 02/21/20

“I am new to the social media game. Marketing Marriage built me a brand-new website and got me set up on every social media site and I can’t believe the engagements and interactions I have received in just one week! This has been so exciting.”

-Sam S. – 12/07/19

“I was wondering if we have a new person on our account, or you have stepped up your game? My feedback has been awesome, and my engagement have been increasing!! Whoever is working on our account, keep up the excellent work!”

-Julie S. – 09/11/19

“You are absolutely doing a terrific job!”

-Chris F. – 08/22/19

“You r fabulous!! Don’t know what I would have done without ur services..My friends are amazed about your services and making my company look good !! Thank you for all u do!! You r truly fabulous!!!”

-Adrienne W. – 08/09/19

“Love love love your services! I have been recommending you to a bunch of other vendors. Everyone should be using your services, you guys are awesome! Thank you so much!”

-Claire H. – 05/16/19

“Marketing Marriage has made my life so easy. They handle everything for me and the price is incredibly reasonable for the amount of work they put in and how attentive they are to my requests. ROI is totally worth it.”

-Amanda Whitmore – 04/29/19

“I do want to tell you your daily posts are great so far! Thanks for everything!”

-Rod Y. – 03/27/19

“I’m amazed I have more interaction on Instagram than ever had”

-Eric V. – 03/18/19

“I just wanted to reach out and say I love all the posts that you have done.”

-Vanessa S. – 02/26/19

“If you are on the fence about signing up with Marketing Marriage, don’t be. It’s the best decision I have made for my business. They really know what they are doing when it comes to marketing, and what they do actually works. I can actually see proof of their services working, and it’s great.”

-Jose Gonzalas – 02/12/19

“I was SUPER hesitant to hand over my marketing to a company that I knew nothing about. I am incredibly particular about what I post, and thought that no one else would be able to post in a way that appeared as though it was “me”. I decided to give Marketing Marriage a try, I mean it couldn’t hurt…right? I’m SO happy I did! They took the vision that I had for my marketing and ran with it. I have seen great ROI and I would entirely recommend their services to anyone. The content they post is always great and things I would never think of posting on my own. All I have to say is THANK YOU for taking the weight of marketing off my shoulders and doing an awesome job.”

-Sara H. – 02/03/19

“I’m loving all the posts on social media sites, btw! You are posting things that I never would have thought to post!”

-Alisa M. – 01/24/19

“I want to let you know that you are doing a great job for us as well! I get compliments from friends now and again!! Keep up the great work. Thank you!”

-Julie S. – 12/14/18

“Andi spoke very highly of you and your services. I am excited!”

-Tamara K. – 11/07/18

“Thank you so much for you efforts! Overall – I’m super happy! You guys are saving me time and getting good material up.”

-Sarah K. – 10/26/18

“Hello Kaitlyn, you are a true entrepreneur! You’re going to have a very successful business because you know how to follow up , you know the current trends/marketing in the industry and you stay on top of the client: I need that in the beginning :D.”

-Angela S. – 10/14/18

“Loving what I am seeing so far!!”

-Kimberly W. – 10/05/18

“We love what your are doing with our Facebook page, thank you! That’s certainly more activity than I could have ever done.”

-Sherrie M. – 09/27/18

“A client of mine is a social media marketing specialist. She gave me a raving compliment on the work you have been doing, as an expert in your field, she said that my message on my blog, social media and at the studio is cohesive and it reflects exactly what I sell. She mentioned that the quotes are uplifting, she followed and noticed me on social media because of the quotes, I gotta say thank you Kaitlyn, you have been an asset to my studio and I am ecstatic you’re my social media manager.”

-Christina W. – 07/12/18

“If you are scared to outsource your work to a company, don’t be! Unless it’s anyone but Marketing Marriage. They are FABULOUS! I have them handle two sites for me, one is wedding based and the other is for corporate and non-wedding related events, and they provide AMAZING content for both. I’m SO satisfied with every aspect of services that they provide for my businesses.”

-Sarah Jacobson – 04/27/18

“After signing up, I saw results immediately. My pages received so many more likes and comments and I have had clients tell me that they found my business from my posts. I couldn’t be happier that I started using Marketing Marriage and that I no longer have to do my own posts. Thank you.”

-Lana S. – 03/12/18

“I love the seamless work you have been producing. It is really great to have you…”

-Christina W. – 07/28/17

“Extremely professional services, very attentive to every need. Fast response, very creative content that is in correlation with the image while delivering exceptional results. I couldn’t be any happier.”

Joseph C. – 04/26/17

“Hey Kaitlyn, I just wanted to say thank you because you are awesome and we love working with you! Loving the posts you put everyday.”

-Another lovely review from Mugu R. – 03/09/17

“So excited that I decided to sign up with Marketing Marriage! The customer service completely exceeds my expectations. Kaitlyn is so wonderful to work with, and the team really understands my business personally. Not only that, but I see results each week on my pages!!!! It’s nice paying for something that actually works and is beneficial for my company.”

-Jessica Smith – 02/19/17

“To be honest, I was hesitant to sign up. I had never outsourced my work before and I was nervous to let someone else handle my sites. Once I did it though, I realized it was the best decision I could’ve ever made for my business. Not only is the gal who handles my account always available, but she handles each of my requests so fast!! And I have seen such an increase on all of my sites. I am old fashioned and was not very present online, but after starting Marketing Marriage, I now realize how important regular online marketing is. Great job!!!!”

-Carolyn W. – 01/24/17

“In the words of Nike…..my advice is…Just Do It!

I’ve only been with them for 4 months, and in this time-frame, I’ve been 100% satisfied! Kaitlyn and the team are very dedicated to getting to know your company and in my opinion, go above and beyond in creating very interesting and helpful content. We have seen our Facebook likes increase and the activities on their posts are better than we were able to achieve in-house, in the past.

Their weekly blog posts are very relevant to our business. We have also seen a spike on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We’ve had clients tell us how much they appreciate reading our posts leading up to their wedding day. As for new, business…..it’s more difficult to evaluate the impact of leads to sales with social marketing as compared to more traditional marketing. However, we all know the importance of these social channels, especially with our demographic in our wedding industry.

In my experience so far, we’ve been very happy! I hope it works out for you too!”

-Another lovely review from Tom Johnson – 11/03/16

“We are extremely pleased with Kaitlyn and the entire team at Marketing Marriage! We have using their services for our video production company about 3 months. They are very attentive to our needs and continue to be interested in understanding our objectives. They have taken initiatives, in some areas, which I didn’t expect (that were great) and they write very helpful, category specific content. It’s not entirely easy to accurately track ROI in social marketing efforts such as this, but the post, shares and likes, continue to increase. Overall, we have been very happy and I plan to continue this campaign.”

-Tom Johnson! – 10/10/16

“I haven’t been with Marketing Marriage long but I am very happy with the services so far, no complaints whatsoever!”

-Shelley P. – 08/19/16

“Kaitlyn is amazing! She started handling our social media and blog 1 week ago and people already started to respond. We scheduled a phone chat and talked about our business and she got it immediately. The service is fantastic and very responsive. Thank you Kaitlyn and the team!”

-Mugu R. – 06/05/16

 “They took the time to really get to know my company and what I do, it definitely made me feel important, like I wasn’t just another business they serve. Highly recommend.”

-Dan Greer – 06/02/16

“Excellent service!! Very pleased thus far!!!!!”

-Rhonda P. – 05/28/16

“I literally couldn’t be happier with your services. My social media pages are booming now since signing up with you. All of my requests have always been answered and my client manager is always available when I need her. Great Job.”

-Monae LaRue – 05/27/16